My New R-R in1954


Model- 2110-1A


Serial- 69920


By Directional  


 Play Tapes both directions. No need to turn tape over to record of play.

3-3/4 ips - 7-1/2 ips  tape speed





With this recorder I even recorded the Governor of Maryland when he gave a speech at a small church in my rural county 1955

This R-R weighs 42-pounds.

A real hernia maker!

For the technical people:  When I received this R-R about 5-years ago, I found it to be in very good condition mechanically.  But not electronically.  The audio output transformer was shorted.  10-volts DC on the speaker will not work.  Off and on over the years I looked for the proper transformer.  A few weeks ago ebay had an auction for a Zenith P-P audio output transformer.  The seller said it was for 6V6 tubs.  Perfect!  I won the auction.  The transformer arrived and I made a quick trip to storage.  I am having a great reunion time recording and playing tapes.  The green eye works great too on record.  I am trying to talk myself into making a circuit change to make the eye work on playback too.  I have other R-R's with the green eye that woks on play . The tube compliment: (2) 6V6, (2) 12AX7, (1) 6X5., (1) 6E5 green eye. 4-watts audio out. 7-watts peak. 6-inch speaker.



It's a M.A.S.H. R-R. Similar to the one used in the TV series.                                                                                                                                    I couldn't resist including a pix of this beautiful Webcor "bi-directional" from the late 50's.

1952-53 Series Webcor. Bi-directional too.

Would you believe I have 3-of them and all three

have a defective head or two.  It's a 3 to 1 project when

I get to it. The mechanics are similar to the black 1954  R-R.

one. The electronics completely different.  Even different tubes.  

There may have been other bi-directional R-R's in the 50's.  I am not familiar with them.  If you know of some, please email me.

 In the 1950's Webcor manufactured radios, record players & R-R accessories. They were located in Chicago, IL.                                                                

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