IT's The Wire RECORDER!!!!

Before the tape recorder in the 1950's there was the wire recorder.

Similar to the tape recorder in operation.

Wire Spools were available in 15-min, 30, min, 60-min.

Record, Play, Erase & Record again.

Wire running speed 2-ft/second.

Audio quality...mid range, telephone audio quality.

1948 price: $149.50

today's value with inflation: $1,379.89


Webster Model 80


Record with the mike

Record the AM Radio

Dictate letters in the office


A Peek at the "Inside" of a Webster Wire Recorder

Model 80

The Electronics of the Webster Wire Recorder

Model 80

OH!  See the 2 metal tubes.

What's a wire recorder without spools of wire to record on?

Wire costs: 15-min $0.79, 30-min $1.29, 1-hr $2.98

How to "Splice" a broken wire?

Tie the ends in a square knot.

Wire Speed: 2-ft/sec.

Webster/Chicago later became Webcor in the 50's



I would not be surprised if a "Wire" Video appears soon on this page